Kidneys Stone? what’s that?

Drinking lots of sugary, caffeinated , or sports drinks and eating a diet high in sodium (salt) can increase the risk of calcium stones. Stones also increase the risk of urinary and kidney infection, which can result in germs spreading into the bloodstream. For people who have a high level of uric acid in their urine, or who make uric acid stones, the drug allopurinol will usually stop the formation of new stones.


Preventative measures used to halt the formation of kidney stones to begin with include dietary changes and behavioral changes. Known medicinal treatments include the use of alpha-blockers such as Flomax that relax the lining of the ureter to help stones pass more easily, and medications that treat the associated pain. Another treatment, called ureteroscopy, uses a special tool called a ureteroscope to view the kidney stone in the ureter — the tube that connects the kidneys to the bladder.

Larger stones may get stuck in the urinary tract and block the flow of urine, which can cause severe pain or bleeding, the NIH says. Plus, he notes, “a diet rich in oxalates is only one contributing risk factor to getting kidney stones.” Dehydration, gout, and other genetic factors are to blame for uric acid stones, and, finally, cystine stones are caused by a genetic disorder that causes the kidneys to release excessive amounts of specific amino acids.

The three most important dietary factors for most stone formers to modify in reducing their risk of future stones are to increase total fluid intake, decrease sodium intake, and and decrease protein (meat) intake. Genetics and medical conditions: Individuals with a history of some conditions, such as medullary sponge kidney or renal tubular acidosis are prone to forming stones. The pain of a kidney stone is primarily due to blockage of the urine drainage coming down the small tube called the ureter” that connects a kidney to the bladder.

Hi out there, it is refreshing to read what the thoughts are in other countries, here, in Denmark, my doctor would not know what to answer me if I asked him about a special diet to prevent kidney stone (i am on my second time now :-(), it´s like: Oh..some people are just prone to stones – we do not know why. If you’ve had a kidney stone before, ask your doctor about limiting your consumption to one 8-ounce serving a day, says Dr. Gupta, who also notes that people with super high levels may have to cut it out of their diet completely. This can be done with a high resolution CT scan from the kidneys down to the bladder or an x-ray called a “KUB x-ray” (kidney-ureter-bladder x-ray) which will show the size of the stone and its position.

If your kidney stone has moved into your ureter (the tube that carries waste products from the kidneys to the bladder), and it’s causing severe pain, your GP may admit you to hospital for treatment. Calcium stones are the most common type of kidney stone and form if there’s too much calcium in the urine, which can be due to: Starts to travel down the ureter (the tube that attaches each kidney to the bladder) – the ureter is narrow and kidney stones can cause pain as they try to pass through.

117 However, no renal tubular damage or visible deposition of calcium oxalate crystals in kidneys was found in yearling wether sheep fed diets containing soluble oxalate at 6.5 percent of dietary dry matter for about 100 days. 28 7 Prompt surgery may, nonetheless, be required in persons with only one working kidney, bilateral obstructing stones, a urinary tract infection and thus, it is presumed, an infected kidney, or intractable pain. Hyperuricemia is not necessary for the formation of uric acid stones; hyperuricosuria can occur in the presence of normal or even low serum uric acid Some practitioners advocate adding allopurinol only in people in whom hyperuricosuria and hyperuricemia persist, despite the use of a urine- alkalinizing agent such as sodium bicarbonate or potassium citrate.

Calyceal calculi are aggregations in either the minor or major calyx , parts of the kidney that pass urine into the ureter (the tube connecting the kidneys to the urinary bladder). Calcium and oxalate in the diet play a part but are not the only factors that affect the formation of calcium oxalate stones. For example, at a pH of 7.0, the solubility of uric acid in urine is 158 mg/100 ml. Reducing the pH to 5.0 decreases the solubility of uric acid to less than 8 mg/100 ml. The formation of uric acid stones requires a combination of hyperuricosuria (high urine uric acid levels) and low urine pH; hyperuricosuria alone is not associated with uric acid stone formation if the urine pH is alkaline.

A 2004 study found that diets low in calcium are associated with a higher overall risk for kidney stone formation. Unlike supplemental calcium, high intakes of dietary calcium do not appear to cause kidney stones and may actually protect against their development. Suggest people who take calcium or vitamin D as a dietary supplement have a higher risk of developing kidney stones.

Crosta, P. (2017, January 9). “Kidney Stones: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments.” Medical News Today. “Kidney Stones: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments.” Medical News Today. The stones may be small and pass unnoticed through the urinary tract, but they may also cause extreme pain as they leave the body.

Uric acid stones – Some kidney stones are made of uric acid, a waste product normally passed out of the body in the urine. If a person is susceptible to forming stones, then foods high in animal proteins and salt may increase the risk; however, if a person isn’t susceptible to forming stones, diet probably will not change that risk. Since most kidney stones, given time, will pass through the ureter to the bladder on their own, treatment is directed toward control of symptoms.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure ( hypertension ) are also associated with an increased risk of developing kidney stones. In this condition, too much calcium is absorbed from food and excreted into the urine, where it may form calcium phosphate or calcium oxalate kidney stones.
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